FlexPlus Mobile Phone Insurance

Worldwide cover for your mobile phone with FlexPlus

Handset registration isn't required and we also cover mobiles that belong to household family members.

FlexPlus mobile phone insurance is provided by Lifestyle Services Group LimitedLifestyle Services Group Limited

How to make a claim

You'll need:

  • Phone make and model
  • A proof of purchase confirming the phone IMEI number
  • A debit/credit card for your excess payment

About your cover

  • Worldwide cover if your phone's lost, stolen, damaged or used for unauthorised calls
  • Contract and pay-as-you-go phones are covered up to an original retail value of £1,000
  • Family members who live at the same address as you are also covered.
  • No need to register your phones up front, but it can speed up the claims process if you do

Exclusions, limitations and an excess apply.
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Lost or stolen phone?

Remember, you must report a lost or stolen phone to the police and your network provider within 24 hours of discovery.

The claims process explained